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Meaning & Purpose

WorkLand M&E basically means two things.

 First, M&E stands for Monitoring and Evaluation in particular, a field of practice that advances systematic collection and analysis of information about program activities, features, and results, in determining the performance and success of a specific policy, program, project or any organizational initiative.

Second, M&E takes a broader meaning. It can mean Man and his Environment, and the dynamic interaction between the two serves as the bedrock of human society’s existence, progress and development. WorkLand M&E embodies the idea that as man ‘works the land’ and continues to shape and preserve his environment, he should develop knowledge, skills and competence in making his actions accountable, upright and rewarding.  

 WorkLand M&E emphasizes the necessity of adhering to a core philosophy of business central to how the organization shall perform in service of the common well-being in society. It is biased toward progress and development. It subscribes to the idea that a coherent body of ideology, rationale, and strategies is important and needed to effect a change in society. It looks to it as the fundamental basis of administrative, managerial and operational actions. This, in the end, serves as the yardstick by which organizational performance and accomplishment can be measured and evaluated.



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“ I fully recommend to all friends the training courses offered by the WorkLand M&E Institute, Inc. I believe this M&E think tank is fully capable of developing the skills of local and international participants in organizational development, research and development evaluation. I personally know Romeo, a good friend, who is a dynamic colleague in the international evaluation circles and that is more than a reason for me to endorse this magnificent work of his. We both share the cause of building up the capacity of various sectors of society in Results-based M&E."


Director General ADAPT
Economist Statistician - M&E Specialist

Board Member of AfrEA
BP 4212 Antananarivo 101 - MADAGASCAR


Native RTL Support


is scheduled on April 5-[F-S], 2013.


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Research and Thesis Writing Seminar Workshop

Native RTL Support

The seminar covers the fundamental principles of research and thesis writing in the graduate and undergraduate courses; research and thesis writing in the design courses; research in consultancy practice; mixed-methods research; conducting research and writing thesis in cross-disciplinary themes, with comparative focus on humanities and sciences fields.



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