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Malaysian Evaluation Society [MES] Evaluation Conference to host launching of Asia Pacific Evaluation Association [APEA]

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10–14 September 2012


            The Organizing Committee of Malaysian Evaluation Society [MES] has lent solid support for the inaugural launching of the ASIA PACIFIC Evaluation Association [APEA], the first regional evaluation organization in the Asia Pacific region. The APEA launching will be done at the sidelines of the MES Evaluation Conference to be held on July 10-14, 2012 at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The MES Conference Program can be downloaded here:


Tentative Programme [Day 5] on the establishment of APEA

Chaired by Dr. Aru Rasappan, Founding President of MES


1) Greetings by representatives of MES and international organizations sponsoring participants in MES Conference 2012


2) Introduction by Prof. Ryokichi HIRONO, Senior Adviser to Japan Evaluation Society.


3) Proposed Agenda  

a) Presentation of a final draft Constitution of APEA by Kabir Hashim, Sri Lanka    
Evaluation Society [SlEVA], followed by discussion and adoption with revisions.  

b) Presentation of a draft work programme 2012-2014 of APEA by Dr. Romeo  B. Santos, President, Pilipinas Monitoring and Evaluation Society [PMES], followed by discussion and adoption, in principle, with revisions to be worked out in detail later within the year.  

c) Presentation of a rough outline of the draft budget in accordance with the draft work programme agreed in principle by Dr. C. Manh Cuong, Vietnam Evaluation, Society.

d) Election of APEA Officers by Mr. Benedictus Dwiagus Stepantoro, Indonesian Evaluation Society [InDEC] and Mr. Subarna Lal Shrestha, General Secretary, Nepal Evaluation Society.

e) Any other matters by Dr. Aru Rasappan, Malaysian Evaluation Society [MES].


4) Greetings by newly elected President and 3 Vice Presidents (one from South Asia,     one from Southeast Asia and one from Northeast Asia), as well as Secretary of APEA.


            The names and positions of the members of the Interim Organizing Committee of  APEA are as follows;       

Denis BOURS, Team Leader of SEA CHANGE CoP      

C. Manh CUONG, Director, International Affairs Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam      

Kabir HASHIM, Member of Parliament, Sri Lanka      

Ryokichi HIRONO, Adviser, Japan Evaluation Society      

Khairul ISLAM, Founding member, South Asian Community of Evaluators (COE)      

Sakti Prasad PAL, President, Development Evaluation Society of India

Aru RASAPPAN, Founding President, Malaysian Evaluation society [MES]      

Romeo B. SANTOS, President, Pilipinas Monitoring and Evaluation Society [PMES]     

Subarana Lal SHRESTHA, Secretary General, Nepal Evaluation Society      

Benedictus D. STEPANTORO, Indonesian Evaluation Community [InDEC]


Pre-Conference Workshop organized by SEA Change CoP at 10TH EES Biennial Conference 2012

Helsinki, Finland

3 – 5 October 2012



The Organizing Committee of the European Evaluation Society [EES] has approved the pre-conference workshop proposal submitted by the SEA Change CoP [South East Asia Community of Practice for Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Interventions]. The SEA Change CoP’s participation and workshop involvement in the 10th EES Biennial Conference is an initiative of Dennis Bours of SEA Change, with funding support from the Rockefeller Foundation and PACT [a membership organization of U.S. private and voluntary organizations (PVOs)]. The training workshop will be conducted by WorkLand Executive Director Romeo Santos


The proposal can be downloaded here:





RB SANTOS joined top evaluation experts’ panel at the 2012 NONIE MEETING, UN FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy


19th – 20th April 2012, Rome, Italy




RB Santos, Workland Executive Director, talked at a panel with Patricia Rogers [RMIT, Australia], Elliot Stern [University of Lancaster, UK], and Howard White [3ie] in the 2012 NONIE MEETING held at Rome’s FAO Headquarters last April 19 to 20, 2012. This year’s event was co-Chaired by Margareta de Goys [UNEG/UNIDO] and Juha Uitto [UNEG/UNDP], of the UNEG NONIE 2012 Organising Committee. The panel discussed the theme of ‘Mixed Methods and Attribution challenges in Impact Evaluation’ and answered questions from the audience in a plenary session.




As a whole, this year’s NONIE 2012 meeting focused on the following four themes:


 Mixed methods/ alternative design approaches/ methods for addressing the challenge of attribution;

 Policy use/ how IE influences policy;

 The role of IE in M&E systems; and

 Guidance on and experiences of IE on normative and institutional support work



RB SANTOS chosen as a 2012 ASPEN Environment Forum Scholar!

June 22-25, 2012 ASPEN, CO



Workland Executive Director Romeo Santos was chosen as an ASPEN Environment Forum Scholar in 2012 by the National Geographic and the Aspen Institute. He joined a high impact roster of participants and speakers from governments, top scientists’ circle, academia, and the corporate sector that graced the environment confab in the ASPEN Institute Campus at Aspen, Colorado last June 22-25, 2012.




 2012 Aspen  Environment Forum: How to Get People to Change the World


Moderator: Frank Sesno

Director, Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University
Veteran CNN newsman and Former CNN Vice President Frank Sesno

now heads the School of Media and Public Affairs at George

Washington University. At GW he is creator of Planet Forward,

a user-driven website and public television program focusing on issues

of energy, climate, and sustainability.


   The 5th Annual Aspen Environment Forum explored “solutions for meeting the challenges posed by the changing conditions of the planet. It convened experts, thought-leaders, and citizens for a lively discussion and debate about how the planet and its people must adapt to this new environmental paradigm.” 


2012 Aspen Environment Forum Scholars:

Jean-Christophe Amado, Climate Change Risk Manager, Acclimatise North America (Canada)

Lawrence Berliner, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Denver

Eva Čermáková, Assistant Executive Director, Zdeněk Bakala’s Global Non-Profit Programs (Czech Republic)

Whitney Clark, Executive Dirtector, Friends of the Mississippi River

Greg Costello, Executive Director, Western Environmental Law Center

Catherine Craig, President, Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International

Chester Culver, President, Chet Culver Group, former Governor of Iowa

Jennifer Curtin, Attorney, Booz Allen Hamilton

Cait Dmitriew, Adjunct Professor/Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Colorado- Boulder

Luis Fernandez, Research Associate, Carnegie Institution for Science


John Fialka, Editor, ClimateWire, E&E Publishing, LLC

Stephanie Gripne, Director of the Initiative for Sustainable Development, University of Colorado

Marce Gutierrez, Founder, Executive Director, Azul

Jennifer Gooden, Director, Office of Sustainability, City of Oklahoma City

Joshua Humphreys, Fellow, Tellus Institute

Kate Knuth, Representative/Boreas Leadership Program Coordinator, State of  Minnesota/University of Minnesota

Daniel Lawse, Assistant Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability, Metropolitan     Community Collge

Allen Manser, Technology Investment Associate, Zouk Capital

Melissa Ocana, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Fellow, Assistant to the Climate Change Policy Advisor, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Brian Palm, Director of Environmental Stewardship, Brooks School

Robert J. Phocas, Energy and Sustainability Manager, City of Charlotte

Sarah Finnie Robinson, Founding Partner, Head of Social Programming, Practically Green

Emily Rubenstein, Senior Policy Advisor, New York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term  Planning and Sustainability

Hrishabh Sandilya, Vice-President, Anglo-American University

Romeo Santos, Executive Director, WorkLand M&E Institute, Inc. (Philippines)

Marco Seeman, Regulatory Affairs Analyst, Enel Green Power (Italy)

Paul Spencer, Founder and President, Clean Energy Collective

Kate Stephenson, Executive Director, Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Kristen Painemilla Walker, Vice President, Social Policy and Practice, Conservation International

Lin Wei, Director of External Affairs, China Securities Journal (China)

Cherilyn Widell, Principal Investigator, Department of Defense ESTCP Project

David Wright, Film Producer, Planet Earth Pictures


More information about the Aspen Environment Forum and a list of all confirmed speakers are available at



When Rights Issues and Responsibilities are at Stake: Evaluation in Non-conflict and Conflict-prone Territories




This panel will present lessons from experiences of evaluation in a number of countries with mature to start-up monitoring and evaluation capacity, and spread across both non-conflict and conflict-prone territories. It will be delivered by practitioners whose evaluation works span diverse geographical locations. Drawing from individual contexts of their own countries of origin, panelists will build up the discussion around each individual background, matched up against experiences of practice in different regions.

The discussion will include brief overviews of each study area and individual presentations by panelists representing most of the following countries' evaluation contexts, namely; Afghanistan, Australia, Kenya, Madagascar, New Zealand, Palestine, Philippines, Timor Leste and United Arab Emirates.

More specifically, presentations will address issues related to the following:

a) Varied faces of evaluation in countries with contrasting perspectives on the concept of human rights;

b) Consideration of rights issues and responsibilities in evaluation; and

c) Learning from lessons already learned

The research basis for these presentations are different milieus of practice that combine experiences from field, programs and organizations; evaluation designs; extensive engagement with evaluation stakeholders; and accounts of M&E development in different countries. The challenges of evaluation and the manner by which rights and responsibilities issues were dealt with will be discussed, -all drawing from collective evaluation experiences. Lessons from diverse evaluation contexts, designs, and approaches adopted by the evaluators could provide valuable insights and potentially useful information from which other evaluators may benefit from.



RB SANTOS, Panelist in the 6TH Biennial AfREA Conference 2012


Accra International Conference Centre

9th – 13th January 2012, Accra, Ghana


Workland M&E Executive Director Romeo Santos will be one of panelists in the Panel Discussion that he himself put together come January 9-13 at the 6TH Biennial AFREA Conference 2012, Accra, Ghana.




            The other members of the Panel, who are expert development evaluators, are Norullah Noori [Afghanistan], Khaled Rajab [Palestine], Anna Powles [New Zealand] and Sonia ben Jaafar [United Arab Emirates], will build around the theme, When Rights Issues and Responsibilities are at Stake: Evaluation in Non-conflict and Conflict-prone Territories. Bali Andriantheseno of Madagascar, a member of the Board of Directors of AFREA, will be Chair.


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