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Foundations for Good Practice
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Foundations for Good Practice


The WorkLand M&E subscribes to the highest standards of performance, professionalism and excellence. It adheres to five core organizational values that it advocates for progress and development. These core values are pillars of WorkLand M&E, as illustrated in Figure 1. These values fuel the spirit that guides the organization in achieving its purpose and in its dealings with clients and other sectors of society. Every course of action that the organization undertakes will be evaluated based on these 5 pillars of WorkLand M&E.

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Number of Visitors Online: 96

'The WorkLand M&E seminar provides me with an excellent venue, not only for knowledge sharing on RESULTS-BASED MONITORING and EVALUATION, but also for learning from the experiences of the participants themselves."


Nick Baoy,MUrP
M&E Lecturer at WorkLand M&E
Senior Consultant, JICA


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is scheduled on April 5-[F-S], 2013.


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Research and Thesis Writing Seminar Workshop

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The seminar covers the fundamental principles of research and thesis writing in the graduate and undergraduate courses; research and thesis writing in the design courses; research in consultancy practice; mixed-methods research; conducting research and writing thesis in cross-disciplinary themes, with comparative focus on humanities and sciences fields.



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