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Core Values of Workland M&E
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Core Values of Workland M&E

COMMON GOOD: reach for the greater good; ‘ownership by no one, but all’; ‘everyone has a stake in everyone’; deep sense of common good and collective well being; fairness in all dealings


COMPETENCE: highly organized; “doing the right thing - doing the thing right; creative and progressive thinking; leadership by example; action and target-oriented management; decisive; predictable direction


TRANSPARENCY: barrier and red tape averse; high respect for one’s right to information; regular reporting a must; solidly founded on monitoring and evaluation principles


ACCOUNTABILITY: ‘no one else in-charged’ mindset; conscientious and responsible leadership; industry and diligence


INTEGRITY: principled and honest service; unassailable trust; solid values

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"The WorkLand seminar had a very productive 2-day workshop that motivated me to write down more ideas about dissertation with fun, but more systematic framework."


Professor Susan Aquino Ong, MLA 
Landscape Architect and Professor 
University of the Philippines Los Banos


Native RTL Support


is scheduled on April 5-[F-S], 2013.


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Research and Thesis Writing Seminar Workshop

Native RTL Support

The seminar covers the fundamental principles of research and thesis writing in the graduate and undergraduate courses; research and thesis writing in the design courses; research in consultancy practice; mixed-methods research; conducting research and writing thesis in cross-disciplinary themes, with comparative focus on humanities and sciences fields.



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