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Vision and Mission
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Vision and Mission


 WorkLand M&E envisions to become a highly productive research and development think tank operating for the noble purpose of promoting the Common Good in society.



WorkLand M&E’s mission is to build research and M&E capacity in many sectors of society  through development-oriented initiatives that foster strong sense of common well-being, transparency, accountability, integrity, and competence.



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"There are various sources available for improving your knowledge, but there are few you can count on." 

Many, everywhere in the world, try their best to improve personal capacity farther and further in their area of specialty, but few are fortunate!

Being involved in a number of important assignments in the post war country (Afghanistan), I am always expected by the international organizations and donor agencies to have the right skills for development change. I always overcome reaching their expectations with the skills I acquired from best few sources, among those WorkLand M&E is one of the bests. Try WorkLand M&E once for improving your capacity, I am confident you will feel the difference. "


Noorullah Noori
Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant
Checchi, Afghanistan


Native RTL Support


is scheduled on April 5-[F-S], 2013.


More Workland Seminars...

Research and Thesis Writing Seminar Workshop

Native RTL Support

The seminar covers the fundamental principles of research and thesis writing in the graduate and undergraduate courses; research and thesis writing in the design courses; research in consultancy practice; mixed-methods research; conducting research and writing thesis in cross-disciplinary themes, with comparative focus on humanities and sciences fields.



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