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Goal and Objectives
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Goal and Objectives

To make WorkLand M&E a highly productive and progressive organization, strongly grounded on research, promoting deep sense of common good, and one that contributes to progress and development of the society.


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" Well, from my point of view, our present times require expertise from individuals, groups or societies, in order to participate in the social change -in which humankind must be ready. 

I am involved in several consultancies and all of them require that I should have the right skills and be in various places at the right time, and that is not all, the international development agencies, and international NGOs require from Consultants the necessary training and skills in development."

So do not hesitate to try improving yourself -the learning process never stops. Give yourself the chance to develop skills in the development field, join WorkLand M&E.

David Guzmán Matadamas
Independent Consultant
Mesoamerican Region
Mexico City, Mexico


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is scheduled on April 5-[F-S], 2013.


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Research and Thesis Writing Seminar Workshop

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The seminar covers the fundamental principles of research and thesis writing in the graduate and undergraduate courses; research and thesis writing in the design courses; research in consultancy practice; mixed-methods research; conducting research and writing thesis in cross-disciplinary themes, with comparative focus on humanities and sciences fields.



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